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Feedback & Testimonials


What People Are Saying …


Parent’s testimonial 

“Since making Aliya to Israel my daughter had always hesitated reading Hebrew. I tried tutors and reading specialists but nothing seemed to work. After taking her to Menachem Schloss she started reading almost daily. She has finished 3 books during the summer break.”


Beit Shemesh

‘Depression’ – Client Testimonial

“I was stuck in a negative thought pattern for over a decade that was having a self destructive impact on my work life, social life and overall attitude to life. No matter what I tried I couldn’t suppress it and it kept me in a “holding pattern” preventing me from achieving anything constructive. My passion for life in general withered away due to the constant battle to remove these negative thought patterns.

I decided to try Menachem and I must admit I was skeptical. I was expecting the predictable approach of trying to get me to think positively and become a “happy clapper” of sorts. I pictured myself getting the lecture about goal setting and pretending to be the person I wanna be. I was in for a jolt. His approach was totally novel and unpredictable to the point that tears began rolling down my cheek when he managed to pin point the piece in my brain that was jammed. In just one session he managed to unravel the pattern and expose it. By doing this I felt the decade long battle came to a sudden end.
After leaving the office, I thought I should wait one or two days before I get excited thinking this encounter was a solution. Then I waited a few days more, and a few weeks. It has been over a month and I definitely feel this is a battle that ended in Menachem’s office. I can move on with life now.”
Beit Shemesh – Israel


‘Anxiety’  – Client Testimonial

“I had been suffering acutely from anxiety and somatic pain for years…Consultation with an acclaimed professional in Jerusalem gave little success, even after two years… Acting upon advice, I then turned to Menachem Shloss, whom I knew previously as a pleasant and trustworthy man. After a month I saw tremendous relief and my symptoms gradually disappeared. The sessions took place in a comfortable setting at convenient times. I would definitely recommend Menachem’s help to anyone similarly suffering, or any person who simply would like to improve their general sense of happiness and well being!… Thank you Menachem.”

Eli – a student from the U.K



‘Trauma and Anxiety’ – Client Testimonial

“Menachem Schloss is not just an NLP Practitioner. He is a person who really cares and respects the people he helps. The combination of his knowledge, experience, intuition, deep understanding of human nature, and his desire to help people grow, makes him a successful therapist.

When my son was 16 years old, I was very concerned about him. My son has a very introverted personality and being with other people isn’t natural to him. Through abuse and traumas that he endured in his short life, it compounded the situation up to the point where he wasn’t able to connect or communicate with other people normally. In turn, people didn’t know how to relate to him since he didn’t appear “normal” to them. He also had very low self-confidence and had a hard time making even small decisions.

After seeing Menachem for just a couple of months, I saw a major transformation in my son. I couldn’t believe this was my son! He really blossomed and came out of his shell. He started seeing the world around him. His interactions with people improved. He became much more of a self-confident and independent boy.

My impression, is that a big part in Menachem’s success in helping others, is his keen ability to see past a person’s unhealthy  behaviors. He has the depth to see a person’s real self, and help them move towards their potential. Even though my son didn’t appear “normal”, Menachem viewed and interacted with him as such. He was able to really understand and see my son, and in turn my son was able to grow into the person he was meant to be.”

G. from Jerusalem


‘Anger Management’ – Client Testimonial

Ever since our session, my overall well-being has taken a giant step forward. I have yet to let anger take control of me, I have become less stressed and less cynical. I’ve become a more sensitive husband, more loving father, and more easy-going at work. The tools you have given me have allowed me to stop attempting to control my environment for the first time and I thank you very much for your help. Thank you.

Skype Client



‘Intense Anger in Child’ – A Mother’s Testimonial

We went to Menachem with a child that seemed to be in serious trouble. We were very worried and considered a psychiatrist but decided to go with him first and see how it would go. In two sessions the whole situation was turned around. He was no longer depressed and behaving in a worrisome way. We wound up never needing a psychiatrist. Menachem has a special way of relating to kids and people, understanding them and helping them to reframe situations. It is hard to believe but we are months later and still marveling about the change in our son and the calm in our home. Life is not always smooth but if you have the right perspective and proper tools that Menachem can give over, you can manage anything. Thank you Menachem!

A Mother – Beit Shemesh


‘Work With School’ – School Principal Testimonial

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Menachem Schloss successfully help students from our school with a very unique and personal touch. Children have a feeling that he really cares about them. When things were looking very bleak, Menachem has stepped in and taught children the tools necessary to function in class. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs a professional approach.”

Rabbi Yair Kobernick
Education School Principal
Magen Avot Bet Shemesh



‘Family Therapy’ – Testimonial

 “We all really enjoyed our first meeting…Mr Schloss had some really fun ways of getting everyone involved and checking out how our family [dynamics] works. Everyone got busy and was very eager to give in their input.

Each boy got heard and asked for ideas, suggestions etc, even the 5 year old. I personally felt, after the session, that I had gained much more insight into my kids than I had before.

Within the few days after the session, there was definitely a change in the house and most significantly, the 5 year old, who was very anxious and scared with all the fighting going on, told me how calm and happy he was feeling. This was for sure, a result of the session with Mr Schloss where he felt heard and he felt that there was a real improvement starting to happen.”

Mother of the Family – Beit Shemesh


‘General anxiety/panic attacks’ – Client Testimonial

“Years of therapy helped me understand and deal with certain traumatic events in my life, but it didn’t help me get rid of frequent anxiety and rising panic, which came seemingly for no reason.
After two sessions working with Menachem, my panic waned and I felt up to facing life’s normal challenges once again.”

Mrs S Beit Shemesh – Israel



‘Fear of monsters’ – Testimonial

“After struggling for years with our daughter’s fears at night, we were thrilled to find that Menachem Schloss was able to have a real and lasting impact in helping our daughter cope with those fears.
After only a few short telephone sessions Menachem was able to achieve the breakthrough that we were unable to achieve following years of professional advice.
We highly recommend Menachem for effective help in dealing with fears.”

Mrs S Lubow, England



‘Phobia of the dark’ – Client Testimonial

“My son had a fear of the dark which kept growing in intensity. When it started spreading to other areas, we called Menachem Schloss. After only one session, my son was over his fear! He was willing to face the thing that had most frightened him. Now we are working on some other issues, and, boruch Hashem, we have seen much progress.”

Mr P T Beit Shemesh – Israel



Recommendation from Harav Shlomo Zalman Ulman sh”lita

הנה האברך הנכבד מוה”ר מנחם שלאס נ”י מהעיר בית שמש עוסק בסיוע ממש לנפשות ישראל אשר זקוקים לעזרה. יש לו הצלחה רבה בתוצאות עזרתו. ומלבד ידיעתו בעניין זה הוא נעים הליכות וכל הקרוב אליו מיד מכיר את מעלותיו והשם יתברך יעזרהו שיצליח לעזור וימצא חן ושכל טוב בעיני א’ ואדם


(Menachem Schloss from the city of Beit Shemesh is involved in critical relief for people who are in need of assistance. He has had much success through the result of his work. Other that his knowledge in such matters, he is a pleasant individual and all those who know him recognize his virtues. May Hashem help him to help others and may he find favor in the eyes of Hashem and of people.)

למקום שאין מכירים
שלמה זלמן אולמן

(ראב”ד דמודיעין עילית ודומ”ץ בביה”ד זכרון מאיר ב”ב)



‘Stress Management’ – Client Testimonial

“I want to share the wonderful and rejuvenating experience I had with Menachem Schloss.
In the very first session, I found myself in a deep state of relaxation. The amazing part is that it was not an escape, rather I feel I accessed a deeper part of myself. To say the very least, the rest of my day continued on a higher state of consciousness.”

Mr Y. G. Beit Shemesh – Israel



‘Dealing with pain’ – Client Testimonial

“I had always had a problem dealing with physical pain. The very thought of it would send me into a deep panic. Menachem taught me how to be able to let go of that fear and open myself up to a new way of being. I can now say that I have the tools to be able to handle what before I never would have dreamed of. I cannot thank him enough – I am now able to live my life like a normal person!”

Mrs B.V. Jerusalem – Israel



‘Dental Treatment Phobia’ – Recommendation

“If you(or your child) would like to feel more comfortable and relaxed about dental treatment I would recommend you speak to Menachem Schloss. He can help you achieve this”

Dr Gil Garalnick


Beit Shemesh – Israel


“Menachem is an outstanding NLP practitioner. Very resourceful, with high ethic and moral values. If you are looking for results he is the right person.”

Salomon Ptasevich 

Founder and CEO at



“Whenever I consult with Menachem, I walk away with fresh new insights that help me look at any challenge with “new eyes.”

Menachem is insightful, original and brilliant!”

Dr Leah Gniwesch

Founder and Director of the Jerusalem Coaching Institute



Menachem has a strong and worthy reputation as a therapist for children’s issues. I highly recommend him and I don’t recommend very many people, I can tell you.

Andrew T. Austin

Psychotherapist, Trainer and Author of the “The Rainbow Machine”




“…Menachem clearly has great knowledge and ability in NLP and I have learned a lot from him. The way I have seen him customize his work to every situation that is in front of him has been influential in my own style and ensures that his clients get the best support. I highly recommend him.”

Eli Shine

Professional Coach & Trainer





“Menachem Schloss has been a veritable treasure for his clients, acting as a kind, thoughtful and forward thinking therapist. His passion for his field and quest for proven solutions has made him an erudite colleague whose advice is consistently insightful to me and priceless for his patients.”

Dr Todd Lynn
Board Certified Neurologist



“Menachem is a common sense therapist with a genuine care for clients, but crucially focused on providing good results. I have had a number of conversations with him regarding therapeutic approaches and he has always shown an enthusiasm for learning which is essential for any practitioner seeking to build a private practice.”

Nick Kemp

Creator of Provocative Change Works



“I highly recommend Menachem for help in regards to change work. When I first met Menachem I was having a difficult time reading, since those sessions several years ago I have gone on to learn and finish many books and without the initial difficulties I faced.

He is a very flexible practical therapist who sees the good and potential in every human being in and out of the therapeutic setting.”

Mordechai Fleising

Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach



“Menachem is a skilled therapist, with a clear understanding of issues. If you have a personal issue and you wish to resolve it in a deep but quick way, Menachem is your therapist.”

Mickey Berkal 

Executive NLP Trainer – Founder of ‘NLP For a Change’ 




“Menachem is a true professional who works until he gets results. He is well trained and has years of experience. He has a pleasant personality and can be counted on. And most importantly, he has dealt with pretty much every kind of issue there is.”

Nachman Seltzer




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