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Skype Sessions

Thraphy in skype

Reasons to Book an Online Skype Therapy Session:


– You can feel secure and comfortable having a skype therapy session in a place you are very familiar with

– The Skype session is done from the comfort of your own home

– No need to travel anywhere

– No traveling expenses, gas, parking etc..

– Setup the setting for the session the way you would like it.

– Choose a room or space in your house that you will be content with.

– You can also decide which type of comfortable chair you would like to sit on throughout the session.

– A therapy session via Skype also saves you much time by not having to wait around in waiting rooms

– Sessions are strictly confidential

– Hours are more flexible.

Most of the anxiety and depression issues that I work with clients on a regular basis are treatable via Skype.

For clients who do not live in Israel and would like to book an appointment for a session or a consultation, Skype sessions can often be very useful and effective.

Prior to setting up our first session, I will send you a set of notes to fill out. This will let me know more about the issue/problem you are having. Once you have emailed me the notes completed we can then set up an appointment for a session.

The charge for a 1 hour session is $100 .

Click Here to download the in-take form.

To find out if this is something that would be suitable for your needs, or to set up an appointment please send me a message via the contact page on this site. Or call me directly (00 – 972) 547-438-109

You can pay for your session easily online by clicking on the pay pal ‘Buy Now’ button below.