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Link: NLP and Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Article

An article written for Anxiety Social Net about NLP Hypnotherapy for treatment of Anxiety Although my therapy approach has changed somewhat in the ways in which I now work with anxiety issues, (mainly that I do not consider my current work to be solution focused), the article will still be of interest for some. This will especially be interesting for those who wish to understand the NLP…

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A Child’s Predicament

The child's double bind predicament Not to be confused with the 'double blind'. Double bind was a theory researched and defined by English Anthropologist Greogory Bateson and his colleagues in the 1950's. From Wikepedia: A double bind is an emotionally distressing dilemma in communication in which an individual (or group) receives two or more conflicting messages, and one message negates the…

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NLP or CBT for Anxiety? "Hi, I have anxiety... In the past, I've tried hypnotherapy, tried CBT, EFT, EMDR as well as psychodynamic you think NLP could work?" ---- I can't say how many times I've been asked this type of question. The answer of course is, sure the technique matters and will make a difference but there is really so much more going on in the frame of a therapeutic…

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Preventing Child Abuse

Teaching adults; its okay if a child says 'NO' to you As adults we like to think that we play our part in fighting or preventing child abuse. We claim to teach our children to say NO whenever needed. The uncanny question though is why wouldn't a child say no? Why do they have to be taught it? Are we perhaps looking at the topic from the wrong angle? In my opinion, there is a general issue…

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The Effect of the Accident

The blog written with one hand (excuse any errors) I knew that it was terribly painful and that there was lots of blood. That along with the presence of paramedics and ambulances certainly gave the impression of a serious situation. Arriving home later on, obviously I looked injured enough for my four year old to feel the urgent need to wail "Daddy, go upstairs!" After my bike accident last…

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The Answer to Therapy Stigma

How can we stop stigma in therapy? I can remember my first time as a youngster going to speak to a therapist ... Yes Yes Yes, I know what you're thinking  "He has issues" or at least "He had issues,  I wonder if it was anything serious"! According to the British Journal of Psychiatry only one third of people with a mental health issue seek psychological assistance, other studies elsewhere…

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The Frustrations of Anxiety Suffering Clients

Why Many Anxiety Suffering Clients Become Frustrated with Therapy It starts with the surprising diagnosis ... A person goes to the doctor complaining of palpitations, difficulty in breathing properly and chest pains – they feel like they are having heart trouble. The good doctor after conducting all the necessary tests and after questioning the patient declares that everything is fine,…

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What Works for Getting Unstuck

What Works for Getting Unstuck? People who feel like they are stuck in life, stuck in a particular way of thinking or behavior will often experience immense frustration, anxiety and depression in their day to day lives. Many will seek to go for life coaching or therapy. The life coach* will give them tips and tools while the therapist* may lend a listening ear and a shoulder for support,…

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Kids At Risk Or Kids That Risk (Part 1)

A Different Perspective in Facing the Challenges with  Teens Today. In life, hardly anything can compare with the pain and frustration that parents will often go through with their teenage children. In this blog 'Kids at Risk or Kids That Risk', I will attempt to look at some of these issues and challenges. People will often ask, "Is it a hopeless situation?", "Are we simply losing our teens?"…

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Harold gets to the bottom of it


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