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NLP And Therapy Events in Israel

Upcoming Events that I am Currently Presenting and Hosting:


After our incredibly successful IEMT training course with Andrew T. Austin this past summer, with over fifty participants, (some who flew in especially from overseas). I am happy to announce the following upcoming events…



Provocative Change Works events

Provocative Change Works

Level One

Certified Training Program

With Nick Kemp (Course unavailable)

PCW is a method of communication which creates the possibility for dynamic change in an accelerated and conversational manner. The practitioner provokes new ideas and feelings changing the client’s previous “stuck state of thinking” to create new, long lasting and measurable possibilities.

This can be applied in a therapeutic, coaching, business or personal development context. PCW works as a problem solving process empowering the client to create their own conclusions for themselves, rather than offer solutions to the problem.

PCW Level 1 – Overview

Ability to use initial provocative stances and understand stance implications

Awareness of core provocative exercises and ability to incorporate exercises with icon cards

Ability to demonstrate Voice Tempo Exercise

Ability to adopt an appropriately provocative as opposed to aggressive stance for client sessions



You can Learn more about this event HERE


Reserve a spot here for 400 NIS

PCW Level 1


Andrew T. Austin - Metaphors of Movement

Metaphors of Movement Training with Andrew T. Austin Course Unavailable

Four days of exploration through the metaphors of our inner mental landscapes.

A problem with therapy is that often the client might as well be mute and not speak at all as the practitioner fits whatever communication is offered into their preferred model or frame of understanding. Meaning gets inferred upon the client’s reportage, and the client’s meaning gets lost in the frame. This reframing, no matter how artful and clever, will so often serve merely to negate the client’s experience for the duration of the therapy sessions. It is the precision that the MoM training model develops for the therapist that is often missing. Four things should be noted here. Most methods follow a pretty conventional format:

– Examples of the problem (what happens)
– Emotional responses to the problem (how we feel about what happens)
– The consequences of the problem (the effects of what happens)
– The diagnosis of the problem (what we call it)

But none of these explore the possible solutions that are inherent within the problem system. When a chronic client is caught up in inappropriate and self-defeating behaviours, outcomes are of secondary importance. What is important in this context is where and how they are stuck now. When you have four flat tires, where you want to go is irrelevant until you get the tires fixed.


You can Learn more about this event HERE

Reserve a spot here for 500 NIS

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How to Creatively Work with Children’s Fears & Anxieties

Presented By Menachem Schloss

How to Creatively Work with Children’s Fears & Anxieties

How to Creatively Work with Children’s Fears & Anxieties :

In this talk I will be covering four different categories of fear:

1. Realistic fear of an event or situation that is very likely to happen. (ie. such as rockets falling  in the south of Israel, a relative or friend critically or terminally ill l’al)

2. Realistic fear of something scary that could possibly happen in the future. (ie. robbers, death etc..)

3. Unrealistic fear of something which should not be scary…essentially an illogical fear (such as dogs, cats, bees, elevators etc..)

4. Imaginary fears (monsters, ghosts etc..)


You can Learn more about this event HERE


Watch this space for more exciting events and training’s