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About Menachem Schloss

Having become well recognized in the international arena of NLP especially in the areas of children’s related issues, he frequently receives referrals from local Doctors for children who have issues related with angertrauma, Asperger’s, PDD, OCD, and general anxiety.

Menachem has presented at international seminars and webinars on the topics of ‘dealing with children’s fears and anxiety’.

As a therapist, many of the adult clients coming in for treatment are those who are having difficulties and challenges associated with O.C.D,  anxiety, phobias and depression.

Just about half, the clients seen are children aged from five and up. Some of the popular issues are ADHD, extreme anger and frustration, low self-esteem, self-confidence, phobias, social anxiety, general anxiety, eating-related disorders, insomnia and bedwetting.

Menachem’s background training is in Neuro Linguistic Programming (Master Practitioner of NLP), Hypnotherapy (U.K certified Master Hypnotherapist, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist) , Integral Eye Movement Therapy (Advanced Practitioner of IEMT). Although much of the focus of his work with clients is currently based on Andrew T. Austin’s ‘Metaphors of Movement‘ approach.

Menachem is also a member of London’s  Harley Street’s ‘Just Be Well’ Hypnotherapy Clinic and a professional member of the Association of NLP (ANLP).

Also occasionally blogs for The Times of Israel as well as for Yeshiva World News.


Some of the feedback from past clients:

“….After seeing Menachem for just a couple of months, I saw a major transformation in my son. I couldn’t believe this was my son! He really blossomed and came out of his shell. He started seeing the world around him. His interactions with people improved. He became much more of a self-confident and independent boy.” – Client’s parent


“I had been suffering acutely from anxiety and somatic pain for years… Acting upon advice, I then turned to Menachem Schloss, whom I knew previously as a pleasant and trustworthy man. After a month I saw tremendous relief and my symptoms gradually disappeared.  I would definitely recommend Menachem’s help to anyone similarly suffering, or any person who simply would like to improve their general sense of happiness and well-being! Thank you Menachem.” – Client

(See more feedback testimonials from clients on the ‘Testimonials’ page)

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