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What Works for Getting Unstuck

Feeling Stuck

What Works for Getting Unstuck?

People who feel like they are stuck in life, stuck in a particular way of thinking or behavior will often experience immense frustration, anxiety and depression in their day to day lives.

Many will seek to go for life coaching or therapy. The life coach* will give them tips and tools while the therapist* may lend a listening ear and a shoulder for support, here and there offering some interesting insights and perhaps a technique for relief. But rarely do people really become fully unstuck through these sessions.

What’s lacking in these sessions?

The approach/attitude of the therapist:

Knowing how and in which way to respond to a client relating their problem is key. I would think that most therapists have come to their senses and understand by now that blandly responding with “and how does that make you feel?” does not exactly have any kind of dramatic effect on the client.

Empathy is of course a big focus in therapy too but how, when and where to use it?

And of course, as much as empathy is vitally essential in order to get on board and in rapport with the client, it is not a tool in and of itself which elicits change.

As important, is knowing how to listen to a person relating a problem:

Most therapists and life coaches will consider themselves highly qualified listeners, yet, in certain cases, other than focusing on making sense of the problem in the way which would suit their counseling style, they will often miss out on what the client is really telling them. And of course, if one hasn’t really identified the ‘real’ problem then there is hardly much chance of any kind of real long term change occurring through the sessions.

Over the coming weeks two internationally recognized therapists and seminar presenters will be coming to Israel.This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from individuals who have developed their approaches specifically with the importance of the above themes in mind.

In the coming month of June, Nick Kemp will be presenting a three full day seminar in Ramat Gan/Israel, teaching the 1st level of ‘Provocative Change-Works’. Based on the works of Dr .H Erickson and Frank Farrelly, this course will teach you how to effectively respond to both your own stuck-ness issues as well as when dealing with others. Nick has a tremendous reputation in his clinical experience and from his weekly ‘work with phobics’ that was aired on BBC radio.

Here Nick Kemp talks about PCW.

In July, Andrew T. Austin will be presenting four full days of ‘Metaphors of Movement’.

“With the ‘Metaphors of Movement’ model, you will learn a completely new approach to overcoming stuck states and creating effective movement towards your personal goals.”

“’Metaphors of Movement’ takes the guess work out of change work. It is a precision tool to help home in on the person’s exact stuck point and how they are maintaining their problem state.”

Here is segment of Andrew Austin using MoM with a client for weight loss.

These workshops are highly recommended for just about anyone interested in ‘effective change-work’, but especially for Life coaches and Therapists.

(You do not need to be a qualified coach or therapist to join).

*The use of generalizations at the start of this article was to make the point, of course, there are indeed many excellent Life Coaches & Therapists.

For information on these seminars please click on the attached links Here (for Provocative Change-Works, the link is in Hebrew)

and Here (For Metaphors of Movement).

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